Are your current wireless microphones illegal?

There is a lot of confusion right now about wireless microphones and the frequencies that they use.  For those living in Central Kansas this article will clear up some of the confusion about your wireless systems and if they are legal or illegal.

Why can’t I keep using my 600mhz wireless microphone system?

On April 13, 2017, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) held an incentive auction, allowing mobile service providers to acquire licenses for the use of the 600MHz band. The major telecom companies taking advantage of this auction were AT&T, Comcast, Dish, and T-Mobile.

The FCC ruled that everyone using a 600mhz wireless system would have until 2020 to change to a lower band of frequencies.  However, if a telecommunication company, in your area, starts to use the frequencies in the 600mhz spectrum the requirement to cease using wireless microphones may be sooner.

If you live in central Kansas, all of southwestern Kansas, and large parts of northeast Kansas your wireless microphones could interfere with T-Mobile’s use of the 600mhz frequencies, and could possible be fined for causing interference with their wireless license.

Are your wireless mic’s or wireless in-ear monitors legal of illegal?

Simply check the wireless transmitter (the microphone) or the receiver to see what frequency spectrum it operates in.  If it operates in  a band of frequencies higher that 608MHZ than it is time to change to a new system.  If it operates in a band of frequencies between 470mhz and 608mhz than you are compliant with the new rules.

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